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Let us handle your Frontline Needs - We will work hard for YOU!

We handle the complete sales cycle front to back, for both Buyers and Sellers. From the moment you hand over a booksheet, we start the selling process. And when it sells, we also handle Payments, Titles and Transportation Logistics in a timely and professional manner.

How we do it! Our Team and High Technology Platform facilitates the sourcing of your Frontline Inventory in three ways:
First, send us your booksheets and we will immediately start hand-selling your vehicle to our growing family of quality franchise dealerships acrossNorthern and Southern Califormia, Oregon, Washington and Arizona. We'll not only show your car to dealers far and wide, but we'll be bringing you booksheets for vehicles that will brighten up your frontline!

At the same time, your Vehicles are immediately uploaded to our Frontline Marketplace where they will be available for bids. We continually put the Frontline Marketplace in front of over 100 dealers every week - prompting them to bid and buy!

Then, every Tuesday and Friday at 1:00, your Vehicles will be featured in our Live Streaming Auctions! We've created a high tech Live Streaming Auction platform with comprehensive reporting, making it easy to re-stock your front line every week.

We work hard at matching up our buyers with sellers. You can look forward to personal, profesional service and lots of booksheets for the Frontline ready vehicles you need.
Tell us what you are looking for, and we will go find it.

That's what we do.
We want to be your source for quality Frontline Vehicles - PERIOD!

Call or Text us anytime!
Cora-Lee Rogers - 916-462-7632



Our friendly and helpful staff are committed to making your experience with our auction a positive one

Staffing & Departments

Core-lee Rogers
Name: Core-lee Rogers
Position: Owner / CEO
Phone number: (916) 462 - 7632

Kathy Rogers
Name: Kathy Rogers
Position: CFO / Business Admin / Marketing
Phone number: (530) 391 - 2113

Jim  Mulrooney
Name: Jim Mulrooney
Position: Auctioneer
Phone number: (916) 713 - 2942

Austin Rogers
Name: Austin Rogers
Position: Inside Sales Rep / Transport Manager / Business Manager
Phone number: (916) 713 - 2942

Mike Horton
Name: Mike Horton
Position: Transportation Logistics
Phone number: (916) 713 - 2942

Brian Jones
Name: Brian Jones
Position: Account Executive
Phone number: (775) 223 - 4046

Adam Schmadeke
Name: Adam Schmadeke
Position: Las Vegas/LA Account Executive
Phone number: (707) 599 - 4618

Daniela Avila
Name: Daniela Avila
Position: Titles Clerk
Phone number: (916) 713 - 2042